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So nice to see you again

Hello again. It's so nice to be back in the Photography business after the last year+ of COVID delays.

But first of all we must send out Love and best wishes to anyone out there affected by COVID. If you have lost a loved one, had friends and family or even yourself affected by the devastating physical and mental health changes caused by this terrible Pandemic we send our condolences, Love and best wishes for a speedy recovery. It's truly been hard for everyone and words alone cannot do justice to the despair and disruption caused to you.

We hope this summer it will be behind us and that you can move forward with life in a positive way.

Here at rb-photographic we are ready to continue to assist you with plans for your event wherever we can. This includes flexibility in bookings, flexibility in payments and flexibility and understanding that things are still uncertain. We are not in the business of ripping off anyone that needs a photographer. That's why we only ask for a booking fee of £100 up-front to secure your date. After that final balances need not be paid until 28 days before your event. And if COVID is still around we won't ask for the balance until a few days before your event just so that you can be sure it will happen.

So get in touch and let's see what we can do for you.

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