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Off to a good start

I don't normally blog much. I'm not sure it adds much value and I tend to think that information overload is as bad as not enough. And there's all that Hashtag stuff. What's that all about? Also it's just a form of bragging in cyber-space. However needs must apparently. If I'm ever going to boost my profile and become a multi-millionaire photographer with staff and VIP couples I must make the effort. So here goes.

My first wedding of this year took place last Saturday at the delightful Red Barn Inn, at Blindley Heath or Lingfield depending upon which side of the road you live I think. The happy couple, Catherine and Richard were a delight to deal with. They had all of those attributes that I love in clients; Young, gorgeous, interested and so laid back about everything that they only booked me 4 weeks before. I had strict instructions. This was a simple, uncomplicated, low key rustic wedding. No real dressing up, few formalities and a late start. No bridal prep photos, speeches really short and most of all I was to have as much fun as they were going to have. Combined with the fact that I only lived around the corner it was a bonus. As can be expected at weddings there were the right mix of children, and adults of all ages.

The weather for the wedding day itself turned out fantastically well. After a good week of grey damp skies, cold winds and mud and rain on the morning of the wedding the sun shone. And it stayed out all day. Long enough for photos to be taken outside without inducing hypothermia. The venue itself was a real surprise. I've eaten there before as it's a pub but was unaware they held weddings as well. On meeting Cat & Rich 4 weeks before at the Red Barn for a chat I was a tad concerned about the size and shape of the barn. At first glance it seemed a little small and not well designed for weddings, however it was an ordinary day at the time so difficult to visualise it. I needn't have worried though. The wedding planner there, her name is Mercedes, had it all sorted and it looked fantastic.

It was a late start for a wedding, 4pm on a Winter afternoon, the sun dropping and bringing beams of light through the key windows right at the altar area wasn't great and ended up with me tip-toeing around the couple and the Registrars dropping blinds! But I got some great photos of the whole event from start to finish. They call my style of photography 'Documentary'. I like to tell a story in pictures, capturing the whole day as it unfolds, with more emphasis on the unplanned informal moments than the formal stuff. I prefer to call this a 'Storytale'. I've decided to tell the storytale on this Blog in as few pictures as possible. To see the full storytale do visit the Got Married gallery at my website. I hope you enjoy the pictures below.

Many thanks for bothering to stay this long.

All the best.


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