May 7, 2017

Well the wedding season has started for me and yesterday was a great kick-off with the wedding of Lisa Nason to Adam Tidy.  I first met Adam and Lisa at Cottesmore Golf Club in February on a freezing grey day.  We had a chat and discussed their plans for the big day.  It turned out that we had a lot in common and we got on well.  Yesterday it was a very 'Tidy wedding' indeed.  Well organised with the ceremony taking place at the splendid Cottesmore Golf and Country Club down at Pease Pottage just South of Gatwick Airport.  The weather was chilly and grey and as I drove to Lisa's home address for the bridal preparation photos I did wonder whether it was going to stay that way and just get greyer and chillier.  I said a quick prayer to the weather Gods and it seemed to have worked because by the time I had got there the sun had appeared.  At Lisa's home was her daughter Savannah her mother Maggie, and her sister Sophie who I thought bore a striking resemblance to the actress Gemma Arterton.  The hair and make-up was in full swing and I set about taking some opportunistic pictures which you can see below.


 Now I know it's the Bride's prerogative to be late and she was, but only by a minute or two.  I then raced off to the Cottesmore Golf Club and awaited the Bride and the start of the service.