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Fun in the Sun

Yesterday I was pleased to be able to meet Rachel and Chris at the stunning Farleigh Golf & Country Club, just outside Croydon. Located in the Surrey hills the views in every direction were simply stunning. Having had a few typical English Spring days of Grey scudding cloud, biting wind and random showers it was a blessed relief to arrive there on a bright sunny day. Golf clubs are by their nature more often than not prioritised for the golfers and can sometimes make you feel as if you just walked into the changing room and can seem a little alien. Farleigh Golf Club was something else. Not only was it the longest drive from the entry point to the club house I've ever taken it was simply stunning. On arrival at the club I was gobsmacked. It had clearly had a lot investment and was beautifully laid out. I sat down and waited for the happy couple to turn up. This was our first meeting and apart from a short chat on the phone and exchanges of text/emails I had no idea who I was waiting for. This was to be a sales pitch from me, an opportunity to listen to their plans and maybe take a few photos. I needn't have worried. In walked a gorgeous young couple who seemed as nervous of meeting me as I was of them. I bought us all a coffee and we sat down and they chatted about their plans. I ran through my usual checklist of questions, for which understandably they didn't have many answers as they were still in the early planning stages for their big day in July 2018. Eventually and after having a bit of a laugh we went outside and I took this shy young couple around the venue to practice a few poses in front of the camera. The pictures below show the results of just a few of those moments. Much to my surprise they booked me there and then. Thanks guys. Can't wait for the big day. Enjoy.

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