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As a wedding photographer you get to see and hear some funny things. Often you're almost unnoticed by the people you are photographing; partly because they expect you to be there, almost like part of the furniture and because if you are doing it right you should make them feel comfortable. Then there's the other extreme; people who actively avoid being photographed. I recall one wedding where the young Bride who was simply stunning was extremely camera shy and would turn her face away every time she saw me with the camera. To try and get those important photos was really difficult to do and although it didn't spoil the final product it could have been so much better for them.

This is kind of ironic given that we live with the selfie-generation. People of all ages will whip out their smartphone or worse an enormous tablet and snap away, oblivious to the fact that there is a professional photographer there and they are in the shot. This is all too common these days and again some potentially really good photos have been ruined because 'uncle Fred' is standing in the way or the background with his Tablet held aloft like a shield battling demons. I won't touch on some of the comments I have heard. That's a whole new Blog.

The link below will take you to a YouTube clip that often sums up some weddings. It's just a light hearted bit of fun. Enjoy.


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