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This page is for parties.  Just follow the links below

Brian's 70th

Brian was 70 and his daughter took him and her family out for lunch at Buxted Park Hotel. We had a few photos of the family taken just before lunch.  Memories! Click the photo below to enter the gallery. 


Sue Brown - 60 Years Young

Click the picture below to enter the FREE download galleries.  This gallery allows you to download images to your digital device for free.  These will print up to A4 (10x8"). 

The second gallery is identical but much higher quality.  To access these you must create an account and then PAY to purchase printed high quality products. Click HERE to enter the PRINT SHOP.


Below is a Low Resolution compilation of some video & images taken on the day.  This will play adequately on digital devices and 'Smart TV's', however you cannot download this file.  Sue has a digital copy of the same file in both Low and High Resolution that she can share with you. When viewing this file on a Smartphone use WiFi/Internet.  If you use your phone data is may be both slow and could incur data charges.

Albie's Birthday party. Click the photo to see the pictures.
Video Slideshow - To view the (LoRes) Slideshow which is NOW AVAILABLE you MUST be connected to a WiFi or internet connected device to view.  If you use your mobile signal 3G/4G you WILL incur network costs.  So probably best not to do that!  Oh and turn up the sound and grab a box of tissues.  Depending upon your connection speed this may be clunky so have patience. Now this is 80 Minutes long & has VIDEO spliced in with photos so before you start, put the kettle on, or get a beer/wine, grab some munchies and then click HERE to view. 
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