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Important Stuff - Or Boring Stuff?

Name of company

RB Photographic


Registered office
11 San Feliu Court
East Grinstead, West Sussex. RH19 3TR


Contact details
Fax: Who uses a fax nowadays?

Tel: 07738674693 - Leave a message if I don't answer

Facebook: CLICK HERE  

Instagram: CLICK HERE


Sole Trader

This company runs as a sole trader.


VAT no.
Not required! Hooray, something for nothing :)


Terms, Conditions & Contract

For your satisfaction I will send you a contract, either by email or post.  This is to ensure you are happy with what you are getting and to satisfy my Insurance company.  You will have to agree to & sign a printed or electronic copy.  The wedding is NOT booked until the booking fee is paid.


Use of Website

Your use of this website is governed by local and International Law.  Any defamatory, illegal or unpleasant or offensive use will result in the removal of the user account and reporting to local Law.

GDPR Compliance 2018

The European General Data Protection regulations require that I inform you of what personal data I hold about you and obtain your consent to retain this data.


Public Liability Insurance



Indemnity Insurance


Questions & Answers about your wedding.

How can you do this so cheaply?


I believe that wedding photographs are an often reluctantly wanted part of the day simply because of the huge costs involved.  And yet they are so important for memories later on, not just for the couple but friends and family members. As it said in my Home page strapline, 'Because a Wedding is for Life, not just a day'. The huge costs do put people off so I decided to do something about it by offering a cheaper service.  That's cheaper in cost not in quality.  There's a lot of work involved in photographing a wedding, much more than you see on the day.  I work on the basis that if you hire me to photograph your wedding you are not just getting some guy who will turn up and take some snaps.  I will help you plan your wedding, I'll meet you beforehand or we can talk over the phone or Skype and talk about your requirements and on the day I will help to direct your wedding and make your 'storytale' come true in picture form from start to finish.   


I offer two plans, if you go to the costs tab above you will see what they are.  Plan one is simple and low cost.  Plan two is much more extensive and better value but costs a little more.  I may have to include travel costs, accommodation and food.  However I am willing to negotiate shorter timed events, so please just ask and don't be put off.  If you want printed photo's as well as a digital package this will also increase the cost, however I now offer access to an on-line gallery of your pictures where you can purchase and order prints and printed products direct from PHOTOBOX/ZENFOLIO.  Your photo's will be placed in your own gallery from where you, your family & friends can download high quality pictures.   


We've heard about Engagement photographs.  What is this all about?


It's quite a new thing and adds a new dimension to your relationship.  It typically takes about an hour and is very informal.  The happy couple pick the time and place and wear whatever is comfortable for them.  Often it's a location that's personal such as where they met, used to visit frequently or one party proposed.  It's only a dozen or so pictures and these can be used to perhaps create a 'save the date' card or place cards at the wedding.  This process means we also get used to each other and you can feel comfortable in front of the camera and me.  Some couples are shy being asked to kiss or cuddle in front of a stranger so this helps break the Ice.   I also give you some basic 'posing tips' which can make a great difference to any photograph. They can also be incorporated as part of the wedding package/album to add to the picture story. Not everyone wants them but they can be a nice memory.  They are not an extra cost and additional to the wedding package as long as there is no long distance travel involved.  Personally I like to think of it as you 'engaging me' rather than your engagement!


What about same gender weddings then?


It's a wedding, not an issue.


Will you travel to photograph my wedding?


Yes but you'll have to cover the costs if it's an unreasonable distance from my home. This may include overnight accommodation.


Do you need a booking fee and when will we need to pay in full?


A booking fee of £100 to secure the date is required and full costs must be paid 4 weeks before the wedding.


What about Copyright?


RB-Photographic owns the copyright on any photographs taken.  However we will give your free use rights on your copy of photographs.  This means you can use them but you cannot sell them on for commercial gain.  So you can email them to friends and family and print them yourself or send them off to be printed but you can't sell a picture to say 'Wedding & Bride' magazine or similar.  If you want to get it published in a magazine you must tell them to contact us and we may provide them with a high resolution copy for a small price or a mention in their article.


What sort of hiccups might be encountered?


Well short of accidents and natural disasters which no one can predict, the most common problems are traffic delays causing anyone being late to the wedding or reception venue.  


The second most common and probably the least anticipated is the Officiant (Priest, Registrar) refusing to allow photography inside the venue at the point of the ceremony.  This is rare and typically happens in Church ceremonies rather than Civil ones.  This tends to happen because you mustn't forget that marriage is a solemn ceremony and should be treated as such.  The last thing anyone wants is the rapid-fire click-click of camera's and flash-guns going off like fireworks.  This has increased with the advent of the mobile-phone camera and some weddings have descended into a Papparazi type 'scrum' right at the important points when half the Church has started clicking away.  The way around this is to ask your guests not to do it before the service or ask the Officiant to say something just before the service begins (an unplugged wedding).  They are usually ok with an 'official' photographer though.


Another problem is the weather.  UK weather is unpredictable at any time so you need to be adaptable.  The best light for photography is always natural light so it's important to get as much photography as possible done outside or inside where well lit windows are.  But if the weather looks 'iffy' then prepare for it.  Bring wellies and umbrellas and your best hat and gloves and make it part of the fun.


As commented earlier though, it's all about timings.  Planning in advance is critical and having a list of who you want photographed is really important for your photographer as well as you if timings are to be honoured.  Involving your ushers, bridesmaids and groomsmen is also crucial.  Nominating one or more of them to help gather up the people required for group photo's is important and it's here where you would share your printed list with them as well.


So what do we do next?

Just complete the Contact form and I'll get back to you.  Once we agree to work together I'll send you another form that you can fill in nearer the date that covers all of the crucial things that we both need to know.


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